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Grow the Endowment

upper school student wearing safety glasses standing in lab smiling and chatting with smiling science teacher
woodshop teacher assisting upper school student use equipment in woodshop
middle school media arts teacher with two middle school students reviewing photos taken outdoors with DSLR camera
5th grade teacher on right squatting down to student desk to speak to seated student on the left

Our aim is to give every student the freedom to explore their ideas with classmates and teachers within a supportive, diverse, and inclusive community.

An Investment in Our Faculty

Teachers at Catlin Gabel cultivate students' physical, emotional, academic, ethical, and interpersonal skills. They help students develop their full identities so they can thrive now and in the future, and they are often cited by alumni as being the most inspirational part of a Catlin Gabel education.

By growing the endowment, we can recruit and retain the very best teachers and ensure that every teacher has access to the resources they need to develop a relevant and enriching curriculum.

Expanded Access through Financial Assistance

As tuition costs rise, so does the need of families for some level of support. Each year, approximately 25 percent of families receive assistance from the school, which ranges from a few thousand dollars to almost full tuition. We must grow our financial assistance program, not only because it is necessary, but because it makes us a better and stronger school when students with different perspectives, worldviews, and backgrounds learn how to engage with and learn from each other.

Helping families afford Catlin Gabel has been a mission-critical priority since the school’s founding, but we cannot yet meet the needs of every deserving student. By growing our financial assistance, we can attract and enroll students who will thrive on our campus. And we can ensure they can participate fully in the experience by ensuring costs associated with athletics, clubs, outdoor education, and global education are funded. 

Expanding our financial assistance program also ensures families can attend by providing access to books, computers, lunch in the Barn, and transportation. It allows the school to support current families who find themselves in unforeseen circumstances during the school year. 

Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

The voices of our students and teachers cannot be a monolith; knowledge and perspectives deepen when different backgrounds, cultures, races, and lived experiences are represented and included in classes and conversations.

Being more equitable and inclusive opens up possibilities for varied, rich, and complex conversations and debates. It expands perspectives and enhances academic and social-emotional learning for students. Beyond this enrichment of essential learning, engaging in conversations about equity and inclusion also challenges students to consider how human beings impact each other through systemic, group, and interpersonal choices. Discussions about equity and inclusion help students think beyond their own experiences and push them to consider how they can continue to be and do better for and with each other.

Along with the Equity and Inclusion team, employees, students, families, and external partners, work together. They build connections and help Catlin Gabel be a community ready to embrace diversity and grapple with the complicated and important questions that this work brings forward.

Campaign Stories

portrait of Julie (Sutherland) McMurchie ’81 and her husband Brad McMurchie with long grass meadow and hills in the background

Julie and Brad support the Eagles Soar campaign priority of growing the endowment and are establishing a new financial assistance fund to honor their family's legacy and increase access to a Catlin Gabel education in perpetuity.